Tuesday, February 19, 2013

19th February, 2013 A Soft Touch!

Karen and I had a lovely ride out on the horses this morning and I'm getting in to or three good rides a week on Theoden. The weather today made it all the more pleasant and the Forest looked glorious.

Theoden has a tendency to drop back behind Petra like a riding school horse whereas I would like him to ride right by her side and to take the lead when asked. I'm not prepared to hit him with a whip or to nag him with my heels so out came the whip-whop rope. This little plaited and soft rope is really useful both as a visual cue and something which can be used to flap against your own body, your boots or even your horse if he really isn't listening to your requests. It can never hurt but by using it on one side and then the other it doesn't activate an into-pressure response as the whip does.

This morning I used it just a few times to ask Theoden to keep up and walk alongside Petra and he soon got the message without being mightily offended or resentful. Shortly afterwards he took the lead....