Friday, July 11, 2014

11th July, 2014 Why The Long Face?

I have a penchant for mules but I'm not sure about these pony sized mules that appear about once a year at Fritham. They're an unfortunate colour and an unfortunate shape. Nevertheless, if the exist, they matter, and it's great to see them integrated into the pony herd where no doubt their dam is one of the founder members. Ponies seem to be quick to ostracize and the Shetland and New Forest ponies live entirely separately with an 'oddities' group of Appaloosa crosses and coloured ponies living in another two separate groups.

There are a total of four, one a little bit spotty but all grey with pink around their eyes and muzzle. In theory at least hybrids cannot breed although there can be the odd exception to the rule. I thnk they are growing on me....