Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2nd July, 2014 No Animals Were Harmed... the making of this film. We abandoned 'the set' this afternoon when the heat and the insects proved to be far too much for us and the horses. I wouldn't ordinarily work the horses in conditions like that and felt that their welfare shouldn't be compromised for the sake of some footage. We're reconvening early in the morning when conditions will be much better.

Out on the Forest water supplies are becoming more limited and the ponies are pretty thirsty when they set off for the ponds and water troughs. There's a sense of urgency as they get nearer.

Having ridden Theoden and Petra out very early,  my only other horse work for the day was scheduled for this evening and this proved to be the perfect time to work with Blade on his catching issues.

We started off in the stable...

...before heading out to the field.

"What a fantastic evening with Sarah Weston feeling so happy and proud of Blade. Learnt so much and can't believe how effective a click is! Absolutely amazing evening, loved every minute and so did Blade. Thank you Sarah for helping us and getting our old Blade back. Everything now makes perfect sense." BR

On Facebook 3rd July, 2014: "Can't believe Blade now happily puts his head collar on himself...fantastic results again tonight catching him out in field using this technique.." BR