Saturday, July 12, 2014

12th July, 2014 Bryn-man-ship

This moth-eaten little chap, inevitably turning roan, is one of the last foals in England by Lovelyhill High Jack. Now turned 16, High Jack is no longer eligible to be turned out on the Forest and in any event had been out for four years in the same area. I am pleased to hear that he was successfully exported to Sweden so will be able to carry on with stud duties there. I have always been very fond of this stallion because of his beautiful temperament.

My own pony, Pie, continues to live out on the Forest very happily. He has unfortunately got sunburn on his little pink nose. I shall try to put something on it to sooth it tomorrow. I sometimes wonder if pink skinned pony are made for this world. I think he would hate to be kept in.

The Shetland mother's knitting circle arrived at out gate today, escaping the flies and the attention of the tourists.

Welsh Cob Bryn is four years old and came to his owners from the stud where he has been kept entire until he was three. In this sort of weather one of the first priorities was to get fly spray on him. We worked in the field at first because he has been spooky in the school.

Not so spooky today. Some good groundwork set him up to work really nicely. Owners Heather and Alan were really thrilled with him and have booked another session for desensitisation work next weekend.

"Thank you Sarah we all had a tremendous time :)x" HR