Monday, July 14, 2014

14th July, 2014 Chance Encounter

Chance is the first of twelve horses that I am working with this week (weather permitting!). You may recall that he is the Bodmin Moor Pony that was totally wild when he came to his owner a few months ago. She called me into help with his initial handling. Over the following three months he has done brilliantly, and so has she, and he now feels like a normal friendly pony who is full of character, curiosity and confidence. Today we started to prepare him for the farrier since the only time he has had his feet done previusly was under sedation when he was gelded. Once he understood what he was being asked to do and how to balance himself on three legs he was quite relaxed about the whole thing and we could handle his feet with and without the headcollar on. That's some progress.

To begin with we don't keep the foot up for long and we keep it close to the floor and directly underneath his body.

"Hi Sarah thanks again for today couldn't have done it without you. Looking forward to my homework and will let you know how it goes. Sorry forgot to chat about your holiday...but I will work on getting a camel for you and keep you posted ...." TG