Thursday, November 12, 2015

12th November, 2015 Ferry Across The Solent

Despite leaving home shortly after 9 this morning, I didn't reach the Isle of Wight until 12.30 thanks to a broken down ferry which necessitated getting off one and then onto the next. At least as a foot passenger I didn't have to reverse my car down the gang plank.

My late arrival meant that I missed the appointment with the vet who was due to trim Mollie's feet and meant that Jane had her debut holding Mollie for the vet's visit. It's probably been overdue anyway but they both excelled themselves and Mollie earned herself a big kiss.

In the afternoon she had some fun going over the agility obstacles. She seems to really love jumping...

...and is becoming much more tolerant of things fluttering around her back legs...

...she also seems to be talented at designing the new Olympic rings.

Jane long reined Pie and they worked on halt and trot...

...before tackling the obstacles.

"Thank you for another brilliant day. It all worked out really well in the end despite the broken down ferry !! We achieved some important training with Mollie in her stable and increased her tolerance levels. As the observer, she clearly tried very hard to control herself when she felt the hoop and the flag, very pleased with her. Again she excelled with her jumping. Pie had a great time being long reined, it is so good to see him enjoying himself. He was very brave negotiating all the obstacles whilst being long reined and gained himself a gold star for jumping the barrels without any stressful bucking." JB