Saturday, November 7, 2015

7th November, 2015 Newcastle Fans

It’s a long way to go for one night so we spent a day and a couple of nights in Newcastle before heading off to Northumberland for a week for some much needed time away from horses. Hmmm, but what is this?

Herby 'lives' at The Herb Garden Restaurant underneath Arch 8 in central Newcastle. He was injured by a raucous crowd on Derby Night and is awaiting repair. He obviously has lots of loving fans.

The restaurant he comes from is in much better condition and we had a wonderful meal here...

Down by the river there were hints of other horses...

...and around the back streets too.

But can this be right?

Maybe not...

But look!

Stepney Bank Stables are in the heart of Newcastle and have a good deal going on for a massive range of riders. The stables are set in an old fashioned yard with cobbled stones but the horses also get time to spend time out. We were made welcome and got to say hello to these three.

Stepney Bank Stables