Wednesday, May 22, 2013

22nd May, 2013 Bluebell Would

Little Bluebell toddled off in her trailer late this morning having been out for her final hack with me. She surpassed herself and delighted her owner. We went all the way through the local camp-site where there are caravans, water hydrants, big bins and peacocks and she was absolutely fine. When we came upon a small herd of donkeys, she was completely unfazed unlike Petra who wasn't all that impressed when one of them took a big breath in and then let out an enormous bray.

"Thank you so much, I really don't know how to thank you enough (also Charly, and David) I proudly brought home my little riding pony, she was welcomed home by Flash and Maizy and went straight back out with them as if she'd just popped out for half an hour! When I last looked out she was having a lie down. I worried myself silly all winter about my next steps with Bluebell. Thanks to you and your training methods, you have given me and Bluebell the confidence to get out there. She is now calmly hacking out, walking, trotting and cantering on the forest, and has experienced, stallions, foals, deer, logs, tractors, streams, bridges, donkeys, cows, camp sites,  to name but a few even motorbikes, and all in about 6 weeks. You have a wonderful gift,  the horsey world is very lucky to have you in it!!" AL