Thursday, May 23, 2013

23rd May, 2013 Sense and Insensibility

A lovely loading session with New Forest cross Arab, Razzy this morning. He has a very good reason to not want to load as all of his recent journeys have terminated at the vets to undergo uncomfortable procedures following an injury. He'd taken a very passive stance, planting on the ramp and just refusing to move. Some very gentle pressure and release and the addition of clickered treats and he was soon walking on without any pressure whatsoever and looking quite happy doing it. The brilliant thing in his case was that I was more or less the first resort and not the last so no-one had been allowed to get at him with whips or brooms. This meant that there was never any question of him backing out on his own or being concerned about being approached from behind. Hopefully his next journeys will be to more interesting and less painful places and will restore his trust. Lots of practice over the next few days and he should have it down to a fine art.

At the farm this afternoon the chilled air seemed to have injected the horses with a dose of May Madness!

Later, all serene...

My article in Horse Scene magazine has come out today: