Saturday, May 25, 2013

25th May, 2013 Bits and Bobs Day One

So today we started work at the fields, although Julie might have you believe she was the only one doing the work- she chose to push the wheelbarrow and carry all the bags and coats across.

Loading training and practice for Coco and Rose as well as trying out some of the obstacles. Both were remarkably relaxed considering they had only moved here yesterday.

Rose wore the 'jingle bells' breastplate and was unfazed...

Whilst Coco seems to have taught her owner to go under a fly screen.

At the end Julie was rewarded with a ten second bareback ride on Petra from the bridge to the gate. Just like the old days of working for riding stables.

This afternoon I went out touristing with a friend we met in Guyana. Our wildlife might not be as exotic but it stands still for a lot longer. Here is Lovely Hill High Jack sleeping again.