Wednesday, May 13, 2015

13th May, 2015 Fit for Nothing

Luckily today was scheduled to be a day off so it doesn't matter that I am still out of energy and breath. Knowing that I need to recover by tomorrow, it was great to take it easy and just go out with Jack and Nettles for a walk and graze on the Forest.

Here's a slightly more controversial note. Did anyone see the BAFTAs and how many of the female stars made their way up to the podium with teetering steps in high heels and dresses that wouldn't let them get their legs far enough apart to be able to walk properly? All very glamorous but not really very efficient! That's one thing but how often does your clothing or even your nails get in the way of your horse? I've been out to a few people, no, women, whose hipster jeans mean that they cannot commit to picking up their horse's feet properly or stretch up if he lifts his head up high for fear of revealing their bottom or their tummy. Men, it has to be said, don't seem to be so self-conscious. If clothing stops you from being able to answer your horse's question properly when he says, "Is it alright if I put my foot back down", or "Shall I stick my head up here like a giraffe?" then your answer in those clothes is "Yes, that's fine". The trend for glorious long false nails prevents people from being able to touch their horses with a deep, flat, touch and instead encourages a light, fluttery, touch which horses hate. I know this all comes from someone who hasn't worn make up for more than 20 years but that doesn't mean it isn't true!