Monday, May 18, 2015

18th May, 2015 Windswept

Despite some blustery weather, which almost drove us into the new barn, Bella stood beautifully for her first set of front shoes. Guy takes an incremental approach by cold shoeing the first time so that the horse isn't overwhelemed by different sensations. Bella hasn't been coping with the gravelly tracks across the Forest with her feet, and the rest of her body, being more akin to a Thoroughbred than the pure-bred, Forest bred, New Forest pony that she is meant to be.

At the other end of the Forest, Lenki positively swept into the horsebox for his journey to his new base, leaving me somewhat redundant.

The whole event turned into the non-event we wanted it to be and he soon settled in to his stable, tucking into his hay...

...before taking a look around. Rosy was clearly delighted with him.

"Sarah, what a triumph yesterday was in a totally low key howdy- hum kind of way!  Thank you so very much for all you've done for Lenki and me.  I would never have imagined that moving yards, loading him, travelling and settling him into his new digs could go so smoothly- it's all thanks to you, Sarah ably supported by Tracey, of course." RMcV

Pictures from the following morning and Lenki is making the most of his dual aspect windows and has met his new field mate.

Back at the farm there was a cattle crèche just over the fence.