Wednesday, May 27, 2015

27th May, 2015 Push Me Pull You

I wish I could get brown and white Lola together with black and white Dolly that I met today. They are of a very similar stamp. Dolly is an eight year old gypsy cob that has had a couple of foals previously. She was also backed late and is therefore an four year old pony in an eight year old's suit in terms of experience. Like a lot of gypsy type cobs that are bred to push a cart, and I do mean push, they can be inclined to barge their way out of trouble and to drag their owners where they want to go. It may not be fast but it is fleeing all the same. Under saddle they can be inclined to lean on the bit and just keep going.

Dolly's owner is keen to start at the very beginning so that she can fill in the gaps in her education. Today we started with groundwork where simple changes in hand and body position made a real difference very quickly.

Leading with a motorbike hand and a smile in the line - note gloves!

A good counted stop...

... earns a lovely rub.

Standing like a farmer not a model to ask her to stay an arm's length away

Asking for one step forward...

...and several steps back. 

Going back to the field without having to constantly watch her. 
She's a super little horse and only needs a few rules in her life. Hopefully back next week for some desensitisation exercises.