Friday, September 18, 2015

18th September, 2015 By George

Banksy is back for just a week and we needed to do some traffic training as well as short-reining and long-reining. A good start this morning, seeing this timber lorry off.

We've had to say goodbye to Jess today as she goes back up to Nottingham University where she is studying Zoo Biology.

Time for one last ride on Nettles before she goes and he is doing so well under her calm guidance from the saddle.

Off to see George again this afternoon and to start in some much needed desensitisation work. At some stage in this lovely horse's history he has been beaten and he is very wary of people with things in their hand. He is so anxious to do the right thing and to keep out of trouble and it was lovely to see him relax and accept something on the end of a stick near him. There's no hitting in this home and no hurry to get anywhere or do anything, so life should get better and better for him.