Friday, September 4, 2015

4th September, 2015 Pink Champagne?

Lisa's delightful Uncle, who I have never met, but is gay and therefore allowed to say these things, has written a poem for Vino (or should that be Lambrusco?)

Sarah,  you're helping Lisa's pony, get calmer every day
but I'm afeared your methods there, are making him quite gay

if you don't stop I think you'll find he will become  aloof
and he will end up just like me with a left or right LIMP HOOF

Now Sarah, Lisa's pony who your training to be mild
should soon be much more friendly like, and hopefully less wild

It's a shame it wern't done earlier, and in your nice kind way
then he would be more manly now ,not prancing through the hay

A loo brush and a boa draped around  him every day
Come on now Sarah really,  please find another way

Lets start first with that loo brush, that you rub across his mane
are you sure you want to calm him down and not drive him insane

then there's the feather boa in that shade of baby pink
what are the others in the herd he runs with going to think

the next thing you'll be telling me, is that you blow up in his nose
and paint on that colt oily stuff by brush upon his toes

I'm going to send some cushions down to decorate his stable
and maybe some nice curtains too and perhaps a coffee table

I do hope life is kind to him, now in his latter years
and that he learns to live with all the gears and funny stares

there's one thing I will say to him if YOU get on his wick
Is "turn around, and take good aim, and give her a