Thursday, September 3, 2015

3rd September, 2015 Elation and Awe

Back to see veteran Vino again today in his custom made rustic pen. Apart from feeding him in the pen, Lisa has deliberately not taken the training any further so it was amazing to find that within half an hour he was back to the place we left off two weeks ago.

You'll recall that Vino hadn't accepted anyone on his left hand side so it was a great opportunity for Lisa to work with him at a 'raw' level to get this all started. She started at the beginning with the feather duster...

...using clickered treats to reinforce her training. As Vino grew more relaxed he took the food with less gusto.

We were generally encouraged by field mate Amigo who is in his twenties too. We took a break between each section and next I thought I'd see how he might feel about the headcollar.

It's not easy to fasten a headcollar with only one hand but clearly I could do it with my eyes closed.

The main purpose of my original visit has been to treat him with Deosect as he was a little lousy. I was able to rub him over with a second dose today.

After lunch Lisa established first touch on his left hand side...

...and I was able to give him a cuddle.

Sometimes it's important to reward the audience for their patience too.

We finished the day with Lisa putting the headcollar on him herself.

These pictures are for Uncle Richard!