Sunday, September 27, 2015

27th September, 2015 Presents of Mine

If I was buying a present for a horsey person (I'm trying not to mention Christmas!), then this is the one I would buy. Rosie Jones McVey is a Recommended Associate of Intelligent Horsemanship, a fantastic horsewoman herself, and a great story teller. You feel as if you are with her on her travels. This is what Amazon says about this book:

"In Globetrotting horse trainer Rosie Jones McVey goes backpacking around the world in search of horse-training secrets. This is the story of her journey, across three continents, exploring horsemanship in radically different settings. With a backpack stuffed with her riding hat and chaps, a meagre budget and a whole lot of optimism, she set out on the adventure of a lifetime, to share horsemanship ideas with South American cowboys, Australian mountain men, equine behavioural scientists and Indian horse dealers, to name just a few. All along the way she learns from and contributes to the horsemanship she encounters, always with an open mind and from a non-judgemental viewpoint. Fresh, funny and with a roller-coaster of emotions, this thought-provoking book will appeal to anyone interested in horses and horse-training methods."
Copies can be obtained NOW from the Intelligent Horsemanship Shop or from Amazon.

If I was buying a present for a semi-feral or shy foal this is the book I would buy:

"A guide to handling and training unhandled and semi-feral foals in an ethical and gentle way. This guide will help you as a breeder or new owner to train your foal without fear or force and to bring them round to being handled and friendly within hours and days rather than months and years. Applicable to foals born in a semi-feral environment, those that have been traumatised by manhandling or even domesticated foals that are just wary of humans. Suitable for every kind of horse lover from the first time handler to the most experienced. This method will become the new tradition in foal handling."

Copies are available through my website and also Amazon