Monday, September 7, 2015

7th September, 2015 She's So Swishy in her Satin and Tat

Nettles was back to his usual cheerful, confident, self when we took him out for a walk this morning. He wasn't worried about the herd of mares coming to find out what he was made of. Or the one galloping across the bridge playing Three Billy Goats Gruff.

I decided that the time is right to put a tiny bit more pressure on Henrietta to accept touch and enclosed her in the big barn with Petra for company. Like a lot of mules she seems to be drawn towards a mare and she loves spending time with Petra. Extending my feather duster to its extreme, I started to touch her with it. In the first photo you can see that she kicked the feather duster right up into the air again and I thought I might not do any good, however, within minutes she had turned around and I was able to click and treat her for allowing me to touch her along the whole of her body (and even on her bottom and between her front legs). I am so glad that I allowed almost eight weeks of familiarisation first, teaching her about clickered rewards, and that people can be kind and useful.