Saturday, September 26, 2015

26th September, 2015 Up, Up, and Away

Banksy went home again this morning with an owner that is delighted about the things he has experienced during the last week or so.

Nettles went out riding with Julie on board. Here she is using clicker to reward him for a good halt and to encourage him to turn and see her. He was absolutely fine.

BB continues to improve and to learn. Last week we couldn't long rein in a smooth circle, today we could. Shows the value of working on what she is feeling rather than what she is doing in each part of the circle.

Kathryn rode her again and today we unclipped.

Copper crossed the road to make use of the round pen too. We did a short Join Up with him, shortened mainly by him saying "Whay are we doing this, I'm always joined up."

He has a strong bond with his owner...

..which enabled her to back him for the first time. Here we're using a bareback pad rather than the saddle which he has only worn for the first time today.

Ami and his owner are now feeling much more confident in their new surroundings. Ami was very happy to talk to the pig in the sty at the farm.

He was fine with the brolly...

...and the tarpaulin too.

He's such a handsome horse, he'd make a fine magazine cover.