Tuesday, September 1, 2015

1st September, 2015 Vote with Your Hooves

The UK International Arabian Horse Show is run under European rules rather than British ones. As a result it lets in all of the worst aspects of Arab showing that have come in from the middle East and America. Once a sport starts to develop its own euphamisms such as 'shanking' and 'whizzing' then you know it is in trouble. Shanking refers to the unnecessary heavy hanking on the horse's bridle which, coupled with the waving of whips, flags and plastic bags, gives Arabs that artificial startled stance, high head carriage and flags flying that people allegedly love to see. It is revolting. What is it about people that they like to see scared horses? And what people see in the ring is nothing to what goes on behind the scenes in the collecting ring where horses are rushed around in 4 metre circles with people hollering and whooping at them. Even unweaned foals are terrified on purpose:
"I was queuing up for breakfast in the canteen when the foal class was going on. Horrific, they were clearly whizzing them up before they went in, then releasing them and trotting them out beside the mare, except one foal was so terrified it was galloping about in a blind panic. I thought it was going to kill itself."
There is a new series running for 2016, showing Arabs in a kind, traditional manner, aimed at the ridden horses and handlers that do want to boycott this idiotic form of showing. People need to vote with their hooves and not enter the classes which rely on abuse.