Wednesday, September 9, 2015

9th September, 2015 Everyday is a Schoolday

Out and about with Nettles again making sure that he is fine with a bit of kit before he starts ridden work again next week. The surcingle jingles quite a lot so is a really good start. 

Having put our names down for trailer training and a trailer test,  Tracey had some practice as she has never driven with a horse trailer attached before. As well as reversing, we met some interesting obtsacles out on the road.

Henrietta is allowing me to touch her almost everywhere with the feather duster now. I've also been able to touch her neck with my hand for the first time. She likes me to hold the feather duster on the opposite side while I do it, as if it helps to balance her mind. She feels fantastic to touch.

You can really see her pony mane and her donkey mane in this photo.