Monday, January 11, 2016

11th January, 2016 Victor Bravo

Victor has now been tied up to a half width of baler twine which is itself tied to the tie up ring. This is a precaution I take because baler twine is so strong these days that it cannot be guaranteed to break in an emergency. He allowed me to groom him all over and I also picked up each of his feet. Because I originally taught these tasks when he wasn't tied up there was no issue with them.

Our second walk in the big field and today he felt brave enough to step on and walk over the low bridge. Tomorrow isn't going to be a pleasant day for him as he is off to the vets for a very important operation. I always feel like such a traitor when this happens but it is very necessary, and I shall stay with him throughout.

Time for a ride out this afternoon. Both horses, as you can see, are absolutely gleaming, with wet mud that is! I have Petra's undivided attention because she thinks she heard a click.