Friday, January 22, 2016

22nd January, 2016 Moonlight Flit?

Two sudden emergencies today. Despite my best efforts to prevent Victor getting an infection following his castration he has succumbed on day 10. So little Amy has been out to wash his pockets and stuff a tube of antibiotic into each side. We didn't tell him that it was the same treatment as for cows udders when they get mastitis.  He will be on antibiotics for seven days but can still go home on Tuesday.

Meanwhile Hannah needed to load and move her two horses off their field where there is no grass and acres of mud and take them home to Sussex.  With the aid of the moonlight, one spotlight, a phone torch and my panels we got them both loaded in relatively quick order having changed their rugs for the journey. It did feel awfully like a moonlight flit (which it wasn't!). Still, everyone ought to go out occasionally on a Friday night and then have just a few hours sleep before a busy Saturday. 

I haven't worked with Hannah or her horses for some seven years and so it says something about who people call when they know they need the job done, and the job done kindly.
"Thanks so much for tonight. They travelled really well and we arrived at 10:30. Both were really settled and didn't hurry to get out. they are happy on grass. Xx" HM