Tuesday, January 26, 2016

26th January, 2016 End of the Victor-ian Era

More difficult partings today as we took Victor home and said goodbye. 

A little sit down in the barn after running this morning. Tracey and I go out every other morning and sometimes cycle in between.

Victor's 'Dad' turned up and groomed him for the first time...

...and also enjoyed leading him out on the Forest.

Back to Pennington and unfortunately back to being alone but it is likely that he will be found a loan home or new owner very soon. Now that he is a gelding and is tame this should be a lot easier.

We almost had an unexpected parting from Henrietta as the main gate got left open twice. The 'airlock' stops all of the other horses getting out but Henry can go under the gate. I was rather thrilled and relieved that she deigned to follow a bucket back into the field rather than going off with the wild ponies. It might be something to do with her shared occupation of the field shelter.