Friday, January 15, 2016

15th January, 2016 Losing Your Luggage

Victor appears to be enjoying his holiday, and especially the hotel and the massage treatments available, even though he has lost his luggage. I am hoping that he will be able to take part in other activities and go out very soon.

My clients, their horses and me, are all wrapped up warm at the moment. This is Indie a very Thoroughbreddy Irish Sports Horse who has taken to rearing on the way in from the field. Normally I leave horses in whichever headcollar they have been using providing it is causing no obvious problems. In Indie's case her rearing seems to have coincided with the use of a Western halter in order to control her. For some horses, the thin rope over the delicate structures of the poll can aggravate a strong into-pressure response.

Rather than change it from the outset, I wanted to confirm my suspicions and although she did not rear with me, I noticed that she was inclined to throw her head up in the air and hint at rearing. In the absence of her owner's ordinary headcollar, I put her into a Dually but without using the training ring.

We concentrated on two main exercises, standing still and leading, stop and go. She seemed very satisfied with some simple rules and clarity. She has a great relationship with her owner generally but needs to be asked not to drag her through the mud!

"I found it really useful." ST