Saturday, January 2, 2016

2nd January, 2016 Mulish Thoughts

One of the really great things about having a mule in my life has been making new friends across the world who also have mules and donkeys. Mules seem to provide endless fascination for a lot of people and in countries like Spain and North America they are held in very high regard for their cat-like ability over difficult terrain, as well as their eccentricities. One lady, Debs, in America, explained how she felt that mules and donkeys definitely learned from watching other mules, donkeys, and horses. I loved the picture she used to make her point!

There was a lot of agreement on this, and this lovely photograph from Chrisilyn entitled "Quality Control" which I had to share.

There will be a lot of repetition in Henrietta's life for the next few weeks as I maintain her willingness to be touched along her sides so be prepared for a bit of sameness.

The main improvement in this photograph is that she is standing a good couple of feet away from the panel and in the lower one that she is leaning in to my hand. I'm also much higher up her neck and my feet are much closer to her body.