Friday, April 17, 2009

17th April, 2009 Onwards and Upwards

With Aquilino now coming up to be caught in the 10 acre field, I have a very happy client over at Rake. Fern had her first trot under saddle yesterday and you've guessed it, couldn't have cared less. Little Rosie, who has always been a bit precious about her feet, is now wading through mud and attacking hills with gusto. She loves her clickered stretches too.

Percy is struggling to be touched and yesterday kicked out again with real intent. He did however, take food from Amanda's hand for the first time yesterday, so there is hope that we might be able to clicker train him. Otherwise, it's into a smaller pen where we can pad the sides and then touch him with the long hand on the stick through the bars. We can't afford to get kicked by a pony who uses such might and such accuracy with his back legs.