Wednesday, April 8, 2009

8th April, 2009 All the nice people live in Tincleton

Having gone up to the field again to make sure that Piper was okay (and he was), it was off to Tincleton today for a full day's clinic with four horses and four owners. It was great to work with a group of open-minded people and horses all willing to try their best, all helped by a good dose of sunlight.

E-mail received 11.4.09: I just wanted to thank you again for a super day of instruction. All the girls have been talking about it and many are interested in a repeat session with some new horses..... it was good to see how many `professional and very experienced` horse people including ourselves were captivated by your teaching and all credit to you for making it so fascinating. I think we were all enthused and went off with fresh attitudes to work with our horses. (Linda)

Lots of people have been very nice to me about Piper and recognise that I am at least trying to do my best for him. "Please don't beat yourself up about Piper. It must have been awful to watch, but you just don't have too many options. I think in taking on these scarred minds we know from the start that we will have to make compromises and choices that aren't ideal. We can only ever do our best. Luckily for Piper, his mum's best is better than most." I wonder if Piper agrees?