Thursday, April 2, 2009

2nd April, 2009 Day four and firemen

This morning I was privileged to be asked to go and observe a course being run by Hampshire Fire and Rescue for other animal rescue teams. It was fascinating to watch how the teams approached the rescue of a 'bull' out of a ditch and horse (plastic in this case) that had fallen through the floor of the trailer. They worked so quietly and methodically. In the afternoon I provided three friends to pretend to be hysterical owners of two horses that had got caught up in a barbed wired fence having been spooked by gunshots. Rachel excelled herself and screamed for so long and so loud that she almost got herself arrested. She calmed down for a little while but delighted everyone when she shouted "Sparkle!!" and ran towards her freshly rescued horse. Fortunately she was intercepted by a fire officer and her plastic horse wasn't caused any extra grief.

This evening both Rosie and Fern went out long reining together, taking it in turns to wear the long reining kit or to be led. They were happy to go off in different directions and away from home and both worked well with David as well as me. Fern didn't bat an eyelid at the red cows with huge horns but Rosie wasn't quite so sure.