Friday, April 17, 2009

17th April, 2009 Working weekend

I don't know whether I mentioned that Fern was hit by a car shortly before she came in to me - in fact, her owner was hit too as they were going out for a walk. Although Linda was severely bruised, Fern was checked by the vet and found to be fine. Accordingly, Linda wanted me to make sure that she was fine psychologically too. This morning we asked her to closely follow the hayman's car and trailer across the field at walk and then trot. She didn't seem to mind even when it bounced it's way through the gateway. Fern then went out for a short ride.
Rosie and I went out for a long walk and played I-spy. She was fine with all of the traffic we met and happy to approach a stationary CSG Wasteman lorry (and lick it) a caravan, a motorhome, the library lorry and finally to chase a big green John Deere tractor down the track. She thought that was marvellous. She's still not convinced about the cows though. Tomorrow she's having a luxury massage with the lovely Kate, McTimoney-Corley practitioner.
Neal (Rosie's "Dad") sent me a picture he has drawn of her - not bad for a graphic designer eh?