Saturday, April 25, 2009

25th April, 2009 Loaded

Day one of my loading course is over and seems to have gone really well. We have loaded five of Audrey's ponies for the first time since they arrived with her (having been bundled on to a trailer loose) 6 months or 18 months ago depending on whether they are yearlings or two year olds. Of course Magnum, Rowan and Dunnock were beautifully behaved and were soon standing with all the bars and the ramp done up without a murmur. I had fun this afternoon with a somewhat bigger horse that just said no until we enclosed her with panels and persuaded her to go forward. By the end of her session she was flowing on and off nicely and should be able to work with the partition and bars next time. I was particularly pleased to see Buster Brown, one of the Animal rescue Specialists from the Hampshire Fire Service who worked with two of the ponies. Tomorrow, Anton is attending. Pictures to follow.

Buster also gave me the pictures from the course that we helped with a few weeks ago (the one where Rachel almost got arrested). I have updated the blog from that day so that you can see her in action. We have been asked back although this time I have asked to attend the lectures on sedation as this is now of particular interest to me.