Wednesday, April 22, 2009

22nd April, 2009 Glorious days

The week started well with a visit to a 20 year old New Forest pony that is a bit of a restoration project. Good groundwork made a huge difference to his confidence in very little time and brought down his owner's heart-rate too. Once he has had a full m.o.t. by Kate, we'll know how to take him forward. This morning I went to see a horse I first saw four years ago, this time to load him into his new horsebox. Once again, good groundwork, just asking him to come forward and to back up nicely, started the session on the right note and he was soon loading with out any problems at all.

"Thanks for the notes, Sarah. I thought that was a very successful morning." S.P.

Rosie and Fern are still doing well. Rosie did some pole work yesterday over poles raised at alternate ends. This asks her to pick up her hindlegs and is great exercise for her. Fern had her first canter today out in the Forest where she is happy to work independently and she is responding well to the very gentle aids.