Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1st April, 2009 Day 3 No fools in our school

Rosie went out long reining in the inclosure today and behaved impeccably whilst Fern learned to trot on the long reins in the round pen before going out in the field to long rein around, through and over various obstacles including a carpet, the barrells and the poles. Her turn to go out tomorrow.
This morning I went out to see Christopher Robin. He's a lovely little chap and very brave to go up and inspect this stationary lorry. He too proved to be an excellent long liner.
E-mail from his owner:
Without your help and guidance I think him and me would have had a very rocky relationship and I may have felt unable to deal with him. It is so nice to see his grumpy side disappearing and the sweet pony coming out!!