Wednesday, July 14, 2010

14th July, 2010 Copybook loading

This afternoon, Nikki and I worked with a copybook loader. I used a fairly standard approach, and bit by bit, little by little, this lovely mare grew more and more relaxed about it all. I hope that with plenty of calm practise she will now be fine. There didn't seem to be any particular trigger point for her fears but by working in this way, we could make sure that we didn't miss anything significant.
E-mail received 23.7.10 "We have been getting on really well with loading - practically every day. MA has been doing some and we have loaded Morris beside her with no problems and totally relaxed. I have move the trailer to the yard by the 'stables' where we normally load and again no problems:) Thank you so much for your help - it was a godsend and a great education for us both." Alison A.