Thursday, July 22, 2010

22nd July, 2010 Four kings and you are out

Last night I went to a wake of a lovely man called Andy who sadly died aged just 51. He'd only lived in Woodgreen for five years and yet everyone knew him and enjoyed his company. It was a very sad occasion but everyone dressed cheerfully and there was lots of chatter and laughter. It's a stark reminder that life is like the game of Clock Patience, turn over four kings and you are out in this game of chance. This morning I went over to meet Annie on the Isle of Wight to go and visit two new clients there. Poor lass but her Dad died early this morning after fighting a hard battle with cancer. She absolutely insisted on spending the day with me having already dealt with a massive amount of grief and I can't believe that there are such selfless people anywhere. Fortunately I met her Dad a few weeks ago following an earlier visit when he had arranged for me to be Annie's birthday present. What a lovely Daddy.