Monday, July 26, 2010

26th July, 2010 What would he say about you?

When I talk to people about their horses, they often list their good points and bad, always adding something like "but he hasn't got a bad bone in his body". I often say, "you want to hear what he says about you!". I wonder if they ever think that we are taking the P?

I wonder how it would sound? "Oh, she comes down here and thinks that I'm going to leave my mates and all this grass to go and do a load of work." "Every time he puts the saddle on, he hoiks up the girth and it really bloomin' pinches, honestly, he's taking the P." "Why on earth she thinks I want to go into an oven on wheels (substitute igloo in the winter) when she's in such a foul temper and I'm so tired, I'll never know." "What on earth can I do with a stupid ribbon decoration? It's not even edible." and more seriously, "That hurts, that hurts, that hurts...."

We are all so fortunate that horses want to co-operate with us at all when you think of the weird/ illogical/ painful things we do to them. Really, what's in it for them?

I'm off now to persuade another horse to go into an oven on wheels.....