Tuesday, July 27, 2010

27th July, 2010 Singing horses

Jenny and I spent a long time chatting on the way to and from India yesterday. I was telling her stories about my old court days. At one time, all of the court clerks were moved to a new office which used to be court 9. It still had the tannoy system used for calling defendants and advocates into court which was connected to all of the public areas of the building. My colleague, Linda and I, had discovered the singing horses on the internet so it was fairly easy to set all of the computers to play it full blast and then keep the switch pressed down on the tannoy. Linda and I were helpless with tears as the halls and corridors rang to the sound of these horses singing a capella. If you haven't heard it before go to:
Not quiet as bad as the day John Scott hung his coat on the switch and everyone was treated to two court clerks discussing a certain solicitor's halitosis.