Tuesday, July 6, 2010

6th July, 2010 Beanz Meanz......

It was back to work with a vengeance yesterday but feeling very inspired thanks to meeting Actioncoach, Kevin Stansfield, at a seminar last week. By midday I had written an article on bridle shyness and had a back massage - not at the same time, obviously.

In the afternoon I went to work with a pony I shall call Mystery and started to develop a relationship with her. This pony was bred by a really good stud where they use blue pipe to hit them......we started off with simply putting the headcollar on without her feeling the need to leave. We have agreed to use clicker throughout her training.

Today was hectic with Bean first, Mystery later and then Harry and the pigs. Bean is a recent purchase from Ireland and has proved to be a wonderful buy for her owner Stacey. We did some basic groundwork and foothandling. Mystery moved on to foot handling too - she is extremely nervous about giving her back feet to anyone and the first time the farrier came, she jumped the high fence around her field. Harry was fine with the pigs and mowed the grass around the pig field while calmly keeping a gentle eye on the pigs and piglets; not bad on just his second visit. Between times, the farrier came to Chancer and I had my hair cut. Luckily I have had the company of work experience student Nikki. She is studying at Sparsholt and considering a career in horse physiotherapy. She last came to work with me when she was 15 (four years ago) and is now all grown up. With a great work ethic and a real enthusiasm for horses, we get on like a house on fire - which is good because we will be working with the firemen again on Friday.