Monday, July 26, 2010

26th, July, 2010 NFP Coach

I have worked with a couple of NLP coaches and the work they do is excellent. NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming and it's about creating a positive vision which can really help people in things like sport and their careers. For example, Amanda has worked with me on having a positive image in my mind when I ride Chancer. Instead of the image of him bucking in the field and his feet touching the bottom branches of the tree, I have an image of us riding off gently into the sunset through the dappled light of the trees and he is wearing his bling browband and the colours are all autumnal and pretty. You get the idea.
On Friday I was working with Mars again trying to ask him to stay in the horse trailer for a lot longer than he has ever done without leaving. My usual tactic on these occasions, when a horse sometimes feels quite explosive, is to imagine that they are a New Forest Pony (obviously a calm and gentle one) and hope that image gets through to the horse too. So, I hereby name this technique as NFP training instead.