Tuesday, March 10, 2015

10th March, 2015 Third Time Lucky?

A few minor spots
I’m pleased to report that Evie, the Dutch show jumping pony that was diagnosed as having extensive grade three and four gastric ulcers was found to have made a massive improvement at her recent, third, Gastroscopy. This was following real disappointment when she had made no obvious improvement by the time of her second one. I asked her owner, Lorraine, what she thought had made the difference. It is clear that it was a real case of more by judgement than luck!

Massive improvement rround the exit to the stomach

She said: “ I think the treatment was a combination of things, and Tim (Brazil) agrees with me. He thinks that in these tricky cases, you need to treat the whole horse, as there are probably other issues going on. Makes it a bit more complex.
She was on the Omeprazole full dose for four weeks (this time), half dose for two weeks and then quarter dose for a month. Slightly different from the first time round when she was only on full dose for two weeks with the rest the same.
The supplement I used is Equimins GastroShield. I also use their balancer Total Advance Complete which has pre and pro-biotics with vitamins and minerals. I switched her feed from Simple Systems to the Copra, but I’m not sure whether that made any difference, and I didn't do that straight away. I also add pumpkin seeds to her feed. I have no idea whether that does anything but she likes them!
The vet  said to carry on with the supplement for another twelve weeks, and then drop it down to half dose for a month. If she seems ok, I can try removing her from the supplement and then just using it at a high dose just before a stressful event.
Evie had 5 Bowen treatments (with Marion Watt) as well. I think that was a crucial part too, as this might have kick-started her body into healing." LD

Slight indentation from an ulcer