Monday, March 2, 2015

2nd March, 2015 Connecting Flights

A busy busy day and an early start for Natasha's first official day with us. With Jodie due in to ride our three starters we had to be very efficient with our turnaround times without putting pressure on the horses. Nettles was first out of the hangar and went off to do some hill work.

 He was quite keen this morning so went up three times and was short reined back down.

On the way home we had splash down.

Next it was time to get on board Tilly. We would normally wait a little while before getting on the youngsters we have in but she has been sat on once before. She is not in the least bit perturbed by Jodie at a height...

...nor by her being in the saddle.

As usual we describe small circles once we are on the move, gently disengaging the hind quarters and allowing the horse to see the rider out of each eye.

First few strides on a straight flight path.

Formation flying for Theoden and Bella again. A towline to begin  with ...

and then in free flight for the very first time. 

Quick lunch and then to save ourselves freezing to death we took to the airways again by remote control. I will never tire of seeing Jack and Nettles buzzing about like this.

Back to the terminus to take Theoden and Petra out (Two rides in one day?!" exclaimed Theoden). We think we can justify removing our 'fair weather rider' labels but we did hide in the inclosure to keep out of the bitter wind - we have to remember that Pat is in her 70's!

Nelly was impressed at the very least.

While I was out Natasha and Tracey took Tilly out for her first walk in the inclosure in preparation for more of the same during the week.