Saturday, March 28, 2015

28th March, 2015 Getting the Measure of It

Arab cross New Forest, Jasmine, seems to take to everything like the proverbial duck to water once she understands it. Her owner has tried long reining her before but struggled to stop her turning in towards her. A bit of clear body language, rather than voice commands, and we were on our way.

She was so good that she switched from pupil to teacher in a very short time...

...and then they were off on their own.

This proved to be a great warm up for her first sit on for some time. She's not done much ridden work at all so it was reassuring to find her so unworried and unhurried. Super pony and lovely calm rider.

Last session with Tilly at Fritham today and a guest appearance from Natasha. I short reined Tilly from the left and she worked from the right. Today we were trying the Myler Low Port Comfort snaffle on an Egbutt cheek to see if she would be happier in that. It has the advantage of not sitting on the tongue all of the time (thanks to the slots).

On the way home we tried to slope off with the Duke of Edinburgh Award participants who were nearing the end of their long trek. I wanted Tilly to get used to their colourful clothes and oddly shaped rucksacks.