Sunday, March 8, 2015

8th March, 2015 Setting the Agenda

Stuck behind traffic on our way to work this morning. Perhaps he was on his way to church. It was horse church for us again...

 Second ride out for Kestrel after a little gap. He is going out for ride-walk-rides with another horse between our sessions being ridden along the track but walked on the open forest. Today he was ridden out on the open Forest section too. As usual he was fine with traffic.

He had his first trot, uphill away from the bridge and away from home.

At the top of the hill we work on re-directing his attention from the wild ponies by striding between different log piles and incorporating lots of changes of direction. In this way we set the agenda.

Soon he is doing it independently.

Before heading home again...first time ridden across the huntsman's bridge.

Email received 10.3.15:

"Officially the happiest person alive!!! Tonight I rode Kestrel down the track to meet Caroline. We then rode to the end of the track, up the road meeting every bit of traffic you can imagine into the car park and then across the green, over the road, down the side track to the trees.  I did then dismount but only because of the trees - he was absolutely perfect!!! Thank you soooo much xxxx " YS 

This afternoon Jasmine went for her second walk out with us. She's a real water baby.

Again, I set the agenda by working purposefully, deciding where we go and how we get there.

We even get to read the minutes!

Back at the fields we prepare for long reining next time. Here I am asking Jasmine to turn away from me and to follow the pressure of the line. It also helps us to assess how she will feel about the reins touching her hidquarters.

The first steps look promising...