Tuesday, August 18, 2015

18th August, 2015 The Black Goose

Protected by his kinky boots (actually Cavallos - very easy to use) Banksy was out and about today in the company of Rory. We met up at Janesmoor Pond.

Banksy encountered all kinds of new things and didn't mind when T and Rory went off on another circuit for a canter or cantered up behind me.

After a little hesitation, Rory loaded consistently throughout our practice session.

Henrietta seemed to think that Lindy ought to share her lunch more fairly.

She is putting her nose through the hoola-hoop with confidence now and leaving it there as if she is enjoying the sensation.

She's also had her neck touched for the very first time.

But, before you think she is all sweetness and light, here's what she things of Banksy watching her progress!

Chris and Karen came over to work with the horses this afternoon. Chris did groundwork with Banksy...

...and then Petra. He likened moving a horse to moving geese, you have to drive from the right angle.

Meanwhile the class clown was playing with all the toys and stealing the limelight.

Karen long-reined Petra in the field and in the inclosure and by the end was a lot surer of her knitting.