Sunday, August 9, 2015

9th August, 2015 No Blog Today

A beautiful picture of Crystal and Elsa, Dartmoor Hill Pony and Bodmin Moor Pony belonging to Teresa.

Okay, I lied, I had to add this...

"Had to send you this picture as we would not have achieved this without your help. Granted Woody is not a fan of velcro so will do more work with it but he kept it on for the whole day and today he managed to get it off one ear but at least he is more tolerant of different things. He is now in the field without his headcollar as he has let me put it on every time with no arguments. That's normal headcollar and Dually and we have been doing the groundwork homework. Tonight we are going to walk him out and back a few times with the Dually on. He seems much calmer and more focussed, almost like he's had a lightbulb moment and I feel more in control with the Dually." ST