Tuesday, December 13, 2016

13th December, 2016 Withdrawal Symptoms

I don't know about you but I have got withdrawal symptoms from writing already. I can manage about two minutes with my right hand as long as I don't try to engage my thumb and all it's gadgetry.

I have been kept entertained by Facebook, emails and real life visitors.

Apparently my horse is missing me although this looks more like his "Where's my hay?" face.

It's the right time of year for news of friends old and new, close and distant, and I'm happy to receive guest blogs.

Hattie and Bettie are getting along well and Helen wrote:
"My wild little mule is amazing after having lodged with you for six days!
She follows us everywhere, is easy to catch in the field and now loves the routine of coming out of the field every morning to enjoy scratches!" HT
I did ask her if she would like another one...!

Busy Lizzie was successfully head-collared and held for the vet on Thursday and had her microchip inserted so now she's all legal and Magic has settled into her new home having loaded brilliantly.

I also heard from Alice who was probably one of my earliest clients and now friend as tends to be the custom:

"Orca...a very unhappy mare who would either react strongly with force or completely 'switch off' to now where she is a changed horse...she is happy to be touched, cuddled and generally loved. She wants to come to me for attention now and will even completely relax in a stable which I never thought would be possible! People generally don't believe me when I describe how she was when I got her...and that is completely down to you." AT