Thursday, December 29, 2016

29th December, 2016 Ever So Slightly Dottie

This morning I worked with a horse for the first time since my accident. David shook me into my work trousers (too much cake and only one opposing thumb) and came along with me. He did all of the hands on work alongside Vanessa, and my communication skills were tested a bit as I tried to explain what I meant by different things and which hand was left and which was right. Still, we did a grand job, and now that Dottie has a new and well-fitting saddle we can make more progress.

David, dressed up to the nines, with two of his other women.

Helping Dottie to take the weight off the foot that Vanessa wants to pick up

Picking out a wafty back foot

Acting as a hitching rail

A human cone

...and again
Vanessa has recently made me aware of Dottie's breeding. Her sire is Scoundrel, a CHAPS registered horse with many wins at County level. Her dam is a Welsh Cob.