Monday, December 19, 2016

19th December, 2016 The Title's Okay...but it's all downhill from there...

In typical modest style I have received a blog from Isle of Wight best friend, Annie. Not only does Annie have a New Forest pony that I have worked with a few times, but she works with the BHS which have been grappling with quite a few serious welfare issues on the Island; something for which you have to be emotionally strong and steadfast.

Years ago, when she used to accompany on many of my Isle of Wight visits I discovered that she had turned up even though her Dad had died that very morning - she never makes promises that she doesn't keep. Now that I can type I still feel there's not enough I can say about lovely people like Annie.

" 'Magnus is a well built, handsome New Forest pony, bred at the M... Stud'. This ladies & gents is how the lovely Sarah described the 14hh little brown pony in her record of work way back in March 2010. Since that very first visit 6 years ago, the everyday life of this little brown pony has been transformed beyond recognition. A misunderstood, anxious, complex little soul when I first met him, Magnus needed handling with kid gloves and a bucket load of sensitivity. His former life had been a never ending stream of shows and high expectations. Magnus really needed time to simply be Magnus.

With Sarah's unswerving and unfaltering help and guidance Magnus has relaxed into his new life. He gets muddy, he's unkempt'ish (Ed: remember the BHS bit!), he has a full set of kissable WHISKERS! No longer fed to bursting with highly molassed feed and then pacified with herbal calmers. Most importantly, he no longer lives on his nerves.

This pony has taught me (and continues daily to teach me) more than any other horse or pony I have ever come into contact with during my 40 plus years around equines. If I could impart any words of wisdom to those who spend their precious time around these magnificent & highly spiritual animals, those words would go something like this........

Open your heart & truly listen! (A horse's psychological welfare is just as important as it's physical wellbeing). Clear your mind, breathe deeply & give your horse or pony the opportunity to communicate with you. NEVER be afraid, or too proud to ask for help or guidance."