Thursday, December 1, 2016

1st December, 2016 Leading Lady

Every day with Henrietta is like opening an advent calendar, there's always something small but sweet on offer. For instance today was the first day she has ever neigh/brayed a greeting to me. Cupboard love I am sure.

Having inspected the quality of Room Service she positively trotted into the pen and allowed me to pick up each of her feet while she was loose. Nowadays she alternates which side of her body she offers me for grooming and touching as if making sure that she is evened up.

By osmosis she is now effectively wearing a halter and lead rein and she gives to a light pressure when asked. This makes it a little bit safer when working around her as I stand a chance of turning her back end away if she decides that she might just kick me. She is not stubborn, she is just frightened, and like a donkey more likely to kick than run - although she can run too.

With the cross country jumps in a different position, training for the Tokyo Olympics is going well.

Her tail may be growing but her neck seemed a little short for some reason...

...and then just to be even more endearing, she cantered up behind me when I was about to leave.