Wednesday, December 28, 2016

28th December, 2016 Hands Off!

Just before Christmas, after I had injured my hand, I was contacted by Caroline about her pony, Rosie. She said, "I keep thinking my mare will improve but after 4 months I still can't rely on her loading." Explaining that I didn't know when I might be able to come out, I asked for more details about her horse and the horsebox. She replied, "It's a front facing lorry. She travels really well but just seem to think she is in once her front feet are in! She isn't naughty - just goes in fully once she decides. I have to wait for her which can take time!" I suggested a couple of simple things to try one of which was, "Make poles on the ground in shape of lorry and teach her to step into the far back corner and turn."

Yesterday I received this message from Caroline:

"...just wanted to say thank you so much for your guidance with loading. I tried the poles on the ground and it was amazing. She has been loading herself practically at home and today we went out for a lesson and she loaded so well both on the way out and also our biggest test, on the way home when she was tired. I still have the poles out ready in case I have to go back to that but there was a real light bulb moment when she worked out turning herself when she was up the ramp. Thank you again and please could I make a payment for your advice as I really would have not got where we are if you hadn't seen able to assist."
In the New Year I will be offering a 'hands off clinic' giving as much as help as I can by email, Facebook messenger, or telephone.